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I want

Sometimes I want loving caresses, Warm, gentle hands gliding over my skin, Pulling, evoking, drawing out desire, Easing me into my heat.

Moist kisses and humming, Soothing lips and cooing, Gentle words and probing tongue, Whispering desire to me.

Hot breath bathing my skin, Fluttering fingers stirring my longing. Gentle touch and loving words, Moving passion over me.

Strength descending into me, Stroking smooth and deep, Holding tight for dear delight, Gentle bonding of two souls.

To make love with all joy, To know desire soft and pure, To fall asleep in loving arms, And float in sated bliss.

* * * * * * *

Though sometimes, oft times, in deep night, What I crave is to fuck, To feel wanton desire boil within, To let crimson blood run hot.

Skin against skin, wet with passion, Lips entwined with hard craving, Building to carnal crest, Falling back, extending ecstasy.

Desire, passion, hunger, greed, Melding, combining, driving higher, Lust in a kiss, desire in a touch, Urges drawing two bodies to one.

Opening, spreading, calling from within, Accepting, wanting, drawing hardness in. Wrapping soft fire around steel-hard flesh, Heart's blood converging, desolving the edge.

Mounting wild passion, headstrong in need, Hard driving, pounding, seeking relief. Strong pouring out, deep drinking down, All bounties of love's purest lust.

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